Arkb User Guide

A guide for getting started deploying web apps and web pages to Arweave's permaweb.
For any questions and support queries regarding Arkb, we strongly recommend that you join our Discord server as this is the hub of our developer community. Here you will find plenty of community devs and Arweave team members available to help you out 🤖


Install the latest version:
npm install -g arkb
For installation issues, see troubleshooting below

Quick Start

Deploy a folder (not for large batches of files)

arkb deploy ./folder --wallet path/to/my/wallet.json

Save your keyfile

arkb wallet-save path/to/arweave-wallet-key.json
After saving your key you can now run commands without the --wallet-file option, like this
arkb deploy ./folder

Using Bundles

Note: If you are planning to upload large batches of data transactions to the Arweave network, it is strongly advised that you use the --use-bundler option instead of regular deploy to avoid transaction failures. You can read about bundles and their advantages on the Arwiki.
arkb deploy ./folder --use-bundler URL_OF_BUNDLR_NODE
The current list of Bundlr nodes can be found here
For up-to-date usage please always check the Arkb README and docs

Other Commands

Check a deployment status

Example output
# arkb status ERWTghgB8wDkOdKJ-8F1ne6BPIybv_rMLQPGP8c3YuE
Confirmed: true | Status: 200
Note: If your txid begins with a - minus symbol you will need to enclose in quotes and escape the - character, like the following
# arkb status "\-hvARuCZcnPxcdiqhuSx_qwVKDTsBv3aq6Inz5NiheQ"
Confirmed: true | Status: 200

Check your wallet balance

# arkb balance
pEbU_SLfRzEseum0_hMB1Ie-hqvpeHWypRhZiPoioDI has a balance of 10.113659492352 AR


Why do I need a keyfile?
Arweave is a blockchain-like network, so each data upload (transaction) needs signing with a valid Arweave keyfile.
I don't have an Arweave keyfile or tokens?
If you don't have any Arweave tokens you can get some free to try this out.
I already have an Arweave wallet, how do I get the keyfile?
You can use the same keyfiles as the Arweave Chrome Extension Wallet, go to Wallets > Select a wallet > Select 'Export Key' to download the json keyfile.
You need to transfer funds to your new wallet address before you can use the keyfile for deployments. You can use the Chrome Extension Wallet for transacting AR between wallets.

Installation Issues / Troubleshooting

Arkb requires NodeJS v15+

Ensure your system/nvm version of NodeJS is updated to version 15 or later.

Make sure you do not have any older versions of arkb installed

Run the following commands as admin/root
npm uninstall -g @textury/arkb
npm uninstall -g arkb
Then install a fresh copy of the latest version
npm install -g arkb@latest