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K Web Wallet

Here you will find a step-by-step guide on how to set up an web wallet
If you have an existing wallet you should already be familiar with the basics, however if it’s your first venture into the wonderful world of Arweave: don’t sweat it, because we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to ensure that you can get up and running in no time.

Getting Started

Setting up your wallet is super easy, simply open up in your browser. is a community developed, open source, project that gets you started on Arweave with a minimum of effort. Upon arrival you'll be presented with the welcome screen. welcome screen
If you're a new arweave wallet user, continue on to the next section. If you're an existing user who already has a keyfile, you can skip to the 'Existing Users' section further down the page.

New Users: Generating Your Wallet

If you're a first time user click the small
button in the bottom left to generate a new public/private key pair. These keys are both your password and your unique ID when interacting with arweave.
Add Wallet Screen
Click the "Create new wallet" button on the screen that appears.
Passphrase window
Immediately you'll be presented with a 12 word passphrase. This is a secret code that will allow you to recreate your wallets public and private key pair. Write this phrase down on a piece of paper, place it in a ziplock bag (to protect from water damage) and store it in a safe and secure location. This is your way to recover your wallet and its contents if your computer ever stops working.
It will also let you store your key pair in wallet applications on other devices. It may take a few seconds for the keys to finish generating but once they do you'll see the button change to look like this.
Click here to proceed
Click the button to proceed 😀
New Wallet
Congratulations, you've added a new wallet key pair. The line of text that looks like some kind of code is your wallet address. In the image above the wallet address is omsGXfLHi0AeE144E0uQXaNxsRoaftzPjq2TxaZyDLg. Wallet addresses are public and sharing them will not compromise the security of your wallet. generates a unique icon for each wallet key pair you add to help distinguish them from one another visually.
Along with your 12 word passphrase, you can also download your public/private key pair in a key file. The 12 word passphrase will be able to recreate this file if you lose it, but it's often convenient to have a copy of the key file as well. Not all wallet apps support restoring from a passphrase.
Click the "Download" button. This will initiate a download of the key file.
This key file is for your newly generated Arweave wallet that you must keep safe and secure. By safe and secure, we mean keeping it protected from loss or misplacement as it’s not possible to regenerate. In simpler terms: once it’s gone, it’s gone! We always recommend storing it in a safe location on multiple (at least 3) devices. We also recommend that you encrypt the file, as anyone who has access to it also has access to your wallet.
You only have one chance to download the key file, however if for some reason the download couldn’t be completed, you can start the process all over again and a fresh wallet will be generated.
Key File: Your key file will be called something like omsGXfLHi0AeE144E0uQXaNxsRoaftzPjq2TxaZyDLg.json. The filename is your unique wallet address + ".json". Wallet addresses are 43 characters long and can contain any alphanumeric characters, as well as dashes and underscores (a-z0–9-_). Your key file is a standardized and interoperable format called JSON Web Key, which you can read more about here.

New Users: Managing your key pairs

In addition to downloading the key file to your computer/hard drive, a copy of the file will also exist in local storage for the page. Don’t worry though, your browser storage is secure and there are lots of mechanisms to stop malicious content (like websites and other extensions) from accessing it. However this doesn't stop someone with physical access to your machine from using your wallets. Once you've stored the passphrase and/or key file for your wallet key pair you can safely delete them from the wallet app, knowing you can re-add them later. It's a good idea not to keep wallet key pairs with a lot of AR tokens in the wallet for this reason.

Existing Users: Loading Your Wallet

If you already have an Arweave key file, you can dive straight into loading your wallet by dragging and dropping it onto the "Passphrase" area.
Passphrase or Key File
You can also click the little
icon to bring up a file explore and browse for the key file.
If you'd prefer to restore your wallet using the 12 word passphrase, you can click on the little
icon and type or paste your 12 words into the passphrase box.

Wallet Options & Multiple Wallets

You can load additional wallet key pairs into the web wallet at any time, by clicking the
icon in the bottom left at any time and repeating the process of creating a new wallet or loading an existing one from passphrase or key file.
You can navigate between loaded wallets by clicking their unique icon in the top left.
Two wallets

Removing a key pair from the wallet

To remove a set of wallet keys from the wallet app, click the
icon in the bottom left. This will bring up a settings panel for the app.
Wallet Settings
From this screen you'll be able to re-download the key file for a particular wallet key pair or click the "Delete" button to remove it from the wallet app entirely. As long as you have your passphrase or key file you'll be able to add it back whenever you like so keep those safe and secure.