Wallet FAQ

All questions surrounding wallets

Which wallet(s) can I use for AR tokens?

We support two wallets: The Arweave web extension wallet for Chrome browsers, which you can download here > Alternatively, you can use the Upvest Wallet available here >

What’s the difference between the Arweave and Upvest wallets?

Each wallet works differently, so choosing the best fit for you is completely down to your needs. The Upvest wallet has a simple website login interface, which also works well on mobile. The Arweave web extension is super slick, but currently unavailable on mobile and all browsers (except for Google Chrome).

Which wallet is more secure?

Both wallets are secure and have been extensively tested.

How do I use the Arweave web extension wallet?

Lucky for you, we’ve created a step-by-step guide which can be found here >

Can I use the Arweave wallet as a cold wallet?

Of course. The first steps are exactly the same as installing the regular Arweave web extension wallet, however the last few steps are a little - and importantly - different. Go ahead and download the Arweave web extension for Chrome, then right click on the Arweave icon in your browser and select ‘options’. Disconnect your computer from the internet, then click ‘Wallet Options’ in the bottom left-hand corner of the page. Click ‘Generate wallet’ and save this file somewhere on your machine. Make copies of this file on multiple offline storage mediums (for example: USB sticks, physical print-out of the file, hard drive). It’s important that you store these files securely, as we can’t recover your keyfile(s) for you if they get lost or deleted!

Click ‘Load wallet’ on the web extension and load the key file. Set a passphrase and make sure you copy your wallet address (hover over it with your mouse) into a location you can access easily in the future, for example: should you wish to send tokens to that address. Under ‘Wallet Options’ click ‘Delete Stored Data’ and confirm this operation. Delete the Delete the key file from your hard drive, after having ensured the safety of your offline backups. Optionally, use BleachBit or something similar to write over the file a number of times. Reconnect to the internet and that’s it, you’re done!

* Please make sure to keep multiple copies of your keyfile in secure locations, as we cannot help you to recover your wallet if you lose it *

Are AR tokens compatible with any hardware wallets?

At the moment, unfortunately not. We would like to achieve this in the future, but for now we are prioritising other deliverables for the community.

Can I send AR tokens to MyEtherWallet/another third party wallet or an ETH address?

No, these are fundamentally incompatible. Don’t send your AR tokens to any wallets other than the Arweave web extension wallet or the Upvest wallet.